christina's web

I am Christina Willard
i am passionate about everything that is graphics & paint & design & color. so that's what i do all . i sit at my computer and create websites and brochures and just about anything one can think of and when i need a break i paint polka dots & checks & stripes on chairs or canvasses or wall murals always resplendent with color - sometimes very serious - usually just fun.

smitten with musicians. so i married a brilliant classical guitarist.

devoted to dogs and so we have a regal & joyful black tuxedoed mutt named Wally.

we reside in both the grandest city - new york and the grandest state - vermont.

an amazing life.

resume type credentials: i studied at the corcoran school of art in washington dc & pratt & the art students league in new york.   and i take art & computer & design classes & seminars wherever & whenever i can.

couldn't ask for much more....