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how much will all this cost? and how to talk to me

how much is all this going to cost?

websites, brochures,  boxes & chairs & all those wonderful things do have a cost.

naturally the consultation is free. i'll send you a list of questions you might have and the answers i can give and things you might want to think about to get us started

The rates below are only estimates.

Student Rates are discounted and vary depending on the complexity

Average Hourly Rates
hourly rates vary depending upon the complexity
ballpark figures range from $60 to $150 and hour.
Student discounted rates $15 - $30/hour

Purple Flowers by Robert Klein

websites - starter 1 to 3 page website - $450.00+

basic website usually for an individual 3 to 5 pages - $650.00+

websites with photo galleries, flash, inter-active, social media, news, blogs - $1,500 to $5,000+

brochures & catalogues- standard trifold brochure $450+

greeting cards, gift tags, stationary individualized commissioned greeting cards $25 and up depending on the amount of initial research needed. usually billed at an hourly rate.

regency penwork - commissioned pieces only- prices range from $200 to $2,000

tables & chairs & benches &armoires & things - impossible to give prices. suffice it to say - it will be a unique piece of art whatever it is..........


i wrote a brilliant intro outlining my thoughts for a blog. At least i thought it was brilliant. And then....a little crash and all that erudite verbiage went flying into the internet ether - todays version of "the dog ate my homework"

one would think that after all these years, i would know better than to walk away from a project without SAVING.

i might have been locked away in some distant cave because it never occurred to me to write a blog. I had mistakenly assumed a blog was a website's stepsister - not quite the real thing but trying hard to be.

as more & more clients have asked for designs for their blogs the inevitable has transpired........ i want my own.

Blog for Find Wally

talk to me about websites and brochures or
painted chairs and tables. ask questions
make comments and commission work

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